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— possibly the best place to work
A paradise, where the best IT projects are created.
Who needs it?
We provide training and work with top experts, heavenly working conditions and further employment in Europe and the United States.
We are increasing the chances of success of start-ups, in which you invested, we save your money and give you the best quality of work.
We can help you gather a team in a short period of time to release your product on the market and improve the skills of your employees.
Further training of your staff and help in growth and development of your business, expansion into new markets.
Our strengths

Time and money are spent on search and selection of specialists

we have several ready and coherent teams, which have a lot of experience in developing projects of any complexity, and we constantly recruit and prepare new teams. In addition, if necessary, we are ready to transfer our employees to your company to continue their work.

On unexpectedly long project production times

— due to a lot of compiled resources, great experience, well-structured workflow and isolation from the distractions of external factors, our teams perform tasks several times faster than the average company.

On inefficient team work (people need time to learn how to work together and be effective)

— we hire a lot experts and carefully prepare them to work together before they start to develop your projects.

On the low-skilled team with a lack of experience

— we are thorough in selection of our personnel and we carefully pre-check the abilities and skills of our future employees.

On the release of a low-quality product

— cooperation with top professionals in their fields help us develop better products than you can get on average.

What you get
We start developing your project immediately
Get a high-quality MVP in a short amount if time
If necessary, employ the specialists
that worked on the project
Further training of your staff during
our collaboration
Access to all our knowledge and experience
Money and time savings
Additional PR
Daily reports and complete transparency
What is IT Bounty
Greece, Crete, IT Bounty launch

Summer 2015 IT Bounty launch — a project
that changes lives

Everybody wants to do what he loves amongst professionals, to travel around the world, to acquire new skills and earn good money. It seems impossible to get it all at once. To achieve this we have created IT Bounty. If you don’t believe it to be true, you can see for yourself.

The right location

The location of IT Bounty is carefully selected each time based on a variety of factors: the climate at the destination, distance from all participants, the visa regime, security, availability of infrastructure, communications and travel cost. The ideal place to start IT Bounty in was chosen to be Rogdia villa in Crete.



One of the most important factors for a productive and high-quality work in a short time is isolation from the distractions of everyday life. That is what we are spending our time and effort on: for example, commute, everyday routines (such as cooking or cleaning), friends. By excluding the above factors we free up our time for relaxation and interesting activities, which increases the performance of the team members.


Comfort is in the details. We organize the most comfortable conditions for work for each member of our team, provide all the necessary hardware, software, resources and means of communication. We have a staff of assistants to help with cleaning, cooking, etc.

Combining work and leisure

We offer a lot of leisure activities. We organize recreational and educational events in the spare time of our members to maintain good morale and working mood. Our employees are sunbathing, swimming in the sea and the pool, ride on jet skis, play sports, games, communicate, etc. One of the most unusual and interesting parts of leisure turned out to be the Hoverboard.

Our team
Our specialists have been building various IT projects since the 2000s, and for the last 11 years we’ve been an established team working together.
We’ve done CRMs, ERPs, telecom, real estate, e-commerce, finance, government, mobile/internet banking and social projects and mobile apps for various industries.
We’ve done projects for companies like Samsung, Panasonic, Nokia, McDonalds, TNK-BP, Rosneft, Alrosa, Contact, Mail.ru, Yandex, etc.
We’ve worked with clients from various countries and we understand the specificity and the difference between countries and the needs of respective audiences.
We have a lot of experience in working both side by side and remotely, and we have established methods, that help us and our employees be as efficient as possible.
We have 15 years of experience in creating various IT projects
Between us we’ve made more than a hundred startups
We’ve worked with the largest international companies
We’ve done projects in Europe, USA and CIS countries
We know, how to work efficiently and what contributes to it
Contact us

We are considering companies as sponsors, one way or another engaged in the development of products and services, which are widely used in the IT industry. We are ready for both financial and product sponsorships. In return, we are willing to promote your products and services amongst the target audience and become a major global evangelist. We reserve the right to refuse sponsorship, if the goods or services are of poor quality.


We invite international companies, operating in the field of IT, education, travel, marketing, advertising and investment, to become our partners. We aim to create the best products and services in the world and we are always looking for ways to develop and expand. In your request for partnership please suggest your vision of cooperation.

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